Gamer Women: Do They Exist Online? 

When you think of a “gamer,” do you think of a man or a woman? If the player that popped into your mind was a male, then you’re in the majority: most people think of gamers as men! Going along with the stereotype, yes, there are many single gamer men, but there are also plenty who have met their perfect gaming counterparts from online dating. It really makes sense since these men often spend hours each day online playing video games. Surely, they would find a relationship online as well! If you’re a solo gamer, then dating online is the easiest way to find your perfect partner, both IRL and in-game.

Do Married Women Play Video Games?

As it turns out, they do! The gaming world doesn’t discriminate (at least beyond the haters in the voice chat), which means that people from all walks of life enjoy these virtual worlds. If you want to meet local married women who also game, then going online is the easiest way to do it. While these women may already be taken romantically, they are usually down to play together. On the other hand, it’s also possible that they’re willing to take things a bit further (assuming their current relationship is headed south). So, where should you look for these women? Here are five games you’ll likely find married ladies on!

  1. Call of Duty

Fairly popular among the female gaming community, a 2019 survey reported that 36% of female players enjoyed a good deathmatch in Call of Duty. With plenty of titles to choose from (as well as a wide variety of solo missions), this series offers the perfect way to find a highly competitive female partner. Play as a team or fight to the death: the choice is up to you!

  1. Fortnite

As it turns out, 34% of female gamers report playing this game on a regular basis. True, it may be somewhat embarrassing to be fragged by that cute married housewife down the street, but at least you’ll have something to talk about with her. If you can get her on your side, even better! With bright, almost-comedic graphics, Fortnite is definitely a multiplayer FPS you can enjoy on your quest for the perfect romance.

  1. Minecraft

If you’d like your lady calm, collected, and deep, Minecraft is her choice. This “do it all” sandbox game where you can literally rebuild the whole world influenced an entire generation of gamers, and married housewives are likely to play it – either on their own or with their kids. That lady down the street we mentioned above may not only 360 noscope headshots in FPS game but hold her entire server with castles, caves, and forests all designed by her. Take a peek at her imagination and be surprised!

  1. Grand Theft Auto

Given the violent nature of this game, we were somewhat surprised to learn that 28% of female gamers enjoy the GTA series. Spanning 22 different platforms with sixteen games in the series, you definitely won’t run out of criminal things to do. Although there are many solo ventures you can take, your best shot at romance will be on GTA Online, where players from around the world can go on a rampage through Los Santos with 29 other players in a free-roam world or collaborate with new people from the lobbies for missions.

  1. Pokémon GO

Unsurprisingly, Pokémon GO is especially popular among the female gamer community, with 39% of gamers reporting having played the game. Unlike the games listed above, you’ll actually have to leave your house to partake in the fun. On the plus side, you’ll likely run into your dream girl on your mission to “catch ‘em all”!

Gaming & Romance Go Hand-in-Hand

Much like gaming, online dating is a gigantic industry, so you won’t have any trouble finding gamer girls & dating online. Actually, forming a relationship online can work in your favor since you can always hang out together virtually (even if you can’t be together in “the real world”!). With luck, patience, and a bit of skill, it’s completely possible to find your perfect gamer girlfriend by playing video games. Who knows—you might even get lucky enough to put a ring on it! You know what they say: couples that game together stay together, so go try out one of the titles above with your partner today!