Popular Games with Trans Characters That You Can Play with Your Acquaintances Online

The world of online dating has made it a lot easier to find the perfect partner of your choice because, let’s face it, the diversity, the kinks, the idea of the ideal partner, what one wants and needs is hard to find in conventional dating easily. The online dating scene allows communities to encourage like-minded people to connect and even find relationships online. Websites and dating apps are available where people can easily create profiles, enter their details and filter through profiles based on their preferences. The rest is simply charming the pants off of something they connect with.

Take the LGBTQ community, for example; there are so many interactive ways for gays and trans to mingle online, break the ice and get to know each other such as chatting over trans dating sites and games designed with trans and non-binary main leads they can play together. Let’s look at some of the games that can be played online where trans people can connect with their dating partners.

  • Dupli-City

It is a steam-powered game that can be played on both Mac and Windows OS. The theme of the game is cyber, where “you” as the lead character have the superpower to see into the future, and your job is to overpower an evil A.I. The game’s outcome depends on the choices you make and the relationship you maintain with your team. There are 6 characters in the game, where you, as the leader, can assign tasks to everyone based on their expertise, which adds to the skills level in the game. This aspect of the game makes it ideal for some online dating fun, as you get to make decisions for relationships between characters and life choices that give insight to online dating partners about each other. The players are designed and dressed in queer so the trans community can feel right at home with this game.

  • Coffee Shop Alternate Universe

This game lets the players play the roles of a Barista and a customer in the setting of a coffee shop. The overall game has a romantic genre; however, the game throws the characters in a situation, and it is up to the players to take it from there. The story revolves around the barista and the stranger, and the characters interact as if in real life, flirting and finding their balance. This game is ideal for a trans couple to explore online dating, as they get to interact as strangers, meet in the virtual world and get to woo each other. A lot can be learned about each other with role-playing games

  • Last Minute Love

The nursing home dating sim is a game designed so that the “player” is an old person in a nursing home. He does not want to die alone and gets to romance the nurse or the other residents and win their hearts to have companionship. Ups and downs, decisions, fights, and every move you make leaves an impact on the outcome. These games make for a fun online dating experience as they give insight into the player’s decision-making in various scenarios and how they interact or react in certain circumstances. The gameplay includes a cat and a trumpet roaming around the nursing home, and the best part is the twists and turns in the plot of the game that make it all the more fun.

  • Together We Write Private Cathedrals

It is an extremely emotional game, where two queer lovers must hide their relationship, and the world cannot find out about their desires. The game takes the characters through a series of real-time letter exchanges, texts, dear diary moments, and emails where they pass on secret messages to each other. The game is designed to mirror the feelings and situations the queer community faced in historical times, which makes this perhaps the best game for trans couples to play during their online date. It gets emotional and makes one appreciate their trans partner on a whole new level.

When it comes to online dating, the possibilities are endless. There are numerous trans dating sites, chatting rooms, queer games, quizzes, and puzzles that you can explore when dating online. You never know; maybe one of these things clicks and connects you with “The One.” There have been countless examples of online dating resulting in online and real-time relationships, and you just need to find the right rhythm and connect with the right person. One of the reasons these games can be popular in bringing people closer or people getting to know each other better is how people manage situations in games gives a real insight into their thinking process, personality, and situation handling skills. So, keep playing and, hopefully, you will find the right partner soon!